Our solicitors have been bringing claims in relation to Japanese knotweed for longer than any other lawyers in the country. 

Misrepresentation: the seller did not inform me 

The Law Society’s Property Information Form (TA6) will ensure that the buyers’ solicitors will ask whether the property is or has been affected by Japanese knotweed, and if you knowingly give false information, you could be sued by your buyer for misrepresentation.  Therefore, vendors would be unwise to not disclose the presence of knotweed on their property and/ or attempt to conceal the knotweed by mistreating it themselves.

At Charles Lyndon we can act on claims in misrepresentation, professional negligence and nuisance on a no win, no fee basis. Additionally, we offer a free initial consultation to determine all salient facts and objectives and then provide you with expert legal advice; and tell you if your compensation claim can be dealt with on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

What To Do When You Find Knotweed

We recommend that you take a rounded approach to dealing with knotweed on your property. This will include a combination of expert legal, surveyor and treatment advice. Our lawyers can offer specialist advice on coordinating these experts needed to strengthen your claim.