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Sometimes the most practical way of resolving a dispute is through group litigation or a collective action.  In cases where a breach of competition, contract or consumer law affects a large number of potential claimants, it may be most cost effective and efficient to bring one action to determine all these claims.



As we become ever more aware of the impact of the environment on our lives and health, lawyers are increasingly considering legal routes to protect clients and the environment.

Charles Lyndon is at the forefront of environmental law.  We have brought a large number of cases forcing major organisations such as Network Rail to stop allowing invasive plants spreading onto neighbouring land.  We are also taking action against car manufacturers Mercedes and Volkswagen for allegedly installing ‘defeat devices’ in their vehicles which allow lower emissions readings in testing than on the roads.



Any person or organisation providing financial products, and most people advising on them, are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and must fulfil certain duties and meet certain standards.  If they do not fulfil these duties or meet these standards, they can be held accountable.  If you have taken out a mortgage, pension or investment that has not performed in the way you were led to expect or if it wasn’t suitable for your needs or appetite to risk, you may have a claim for compensation.

Our lawyers understand that it is difficult and distressing to lose sums of money, especially when your life savings, your home or your retirement income are at risk, and are ready to help you recover what you have lost.




It is widely recognised that consumers benefit from a truly competitive market.  It brings lower prices, improved products and better service.  Competition law exists to try and prevent distortion of the market by prohibiting prevention of competition or abuse of a competitive advantage such as market dominance.

Charles Lyndon’s specialist competition litigation lawyers are experienced in representing claimants in high profile claims.  We have acted in a broad range of class action and competition law cases and been at the forefront of the collective proceedings regime.  In March 2019, Charles Lyndon, launched the first ‘stand alone’ claim (i.e. a claim not following on from a decision by a court or regulator) in the Competition Appeal Tribunal under the new collective proceedings regime.





There is a general lack of awareness about consumer rights and a lot of confusion about consumer protection laws. The reality is that many consumers are not exercising their legal rights when it comes to consumer legal issues and individuals are losing billions of pounds every year.


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