Our solicitors have been bringing claims in relation to Japanese knotweed for longer than any other lawyers in the country. If you have knotweed you could have a claim, try our free assessment here. 

Problems Created By Knotweed


Problems with selling or remortgaging your house – most mortgage lenders will not lend on properties with Japanese knotweed, or where Japanese knotweed has been identified nearby, usually within 7 metres of the property. There is also significant stigma associated with Japanese knotweed which often makes potential purchasers unwilling to buy property that is, or has been, affected by Japanese knotweed.

Damage to your house – the plant’s invasive root system and strong growth can damage concrete foundations, buildings, roads, paving and retaining walls.

Potential liability – if the Japanese knotweed spreads from your property to another, the owner of that property could be entitled to damages from you.

Charles Lyndon On The BBC

Charles Lyndon was recently successful on behalf of its client Robin Waistell in a landmark claim against Network Rail.  This was widely reported in the news and X-Ray, BBC Wales’ consumer rights programme featured this case and interviewed Rodger Burnett.