When financial advisors, lenders, or brokers fail to provide adequate mortgage advice, individuals may be burdened with bad mortgages


Buying a home is usually the largest investment someone makes and the mortgage they take out to fund this may be the most important financial product they decide on. It is essential that you receive helpful, correct and relevant advice when making your decision. The Financial Conduct Authority regulates the advice provided to individuals in relation to mortgages. When financial advisors, lenders, or brokers fail to provide adequate mortgage advice, individuals may be burdened with mortgages they cannot afford, are not suitable for them or cost them more than it should.

Were You Mis-Sold Your Mortgage?

Determining whether a mortgage has been mis-sold depends on how you were advised and the extent to which your advisor complied with the relevant FCA regulations. There are several ways advisors, lenders, and brokers may have mis-sold a mortgage, including:

  • Failing to highlight the risks associated with the mortgage
  • Failing to carry out adequate credit checks
  • Failing to provide you with necessary pre-contract information
  • Selling a mortgage which ends after your retirement age
  • Selling an interest-only mortgage and not giving clear information about the consequences of this and any alternative options
  • Advising you to switch mortgage but not informing you of outgoing commission payments

Mortgage Mis-Selling Expertise

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Charles Lyndon’s financial litigation lawyers can assess whether you have a claim and will be able to advise you on how to proceed, whether that is through a complaint whether that is through a complaint to your mortgage advisor or provider, the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, or, if necessary, we can bring a claim in the court. We can evaluate whether you have lost out financially due to a mis-sold mortgage and help with your claim for compensation.

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