We have issued a new £73m Boundary Fares claim in the CAT against Govia Thameslink Railway Limited for Competition law breaches.

Mr Gutmann, a consumer champion, has launched this new claim against Govia Thameslink Railway (‘’GTR’’), which operates the Great Northern, Southern and Thameslink railways. Mr Gutmann alleges that GTR have failed to sufficiently inform their passengers of the existence and availability of ‘boundary fares’ tickets: this means passengers are paying twice for the part of their journey that is already covered by their TfL Travelcard. Mr Gutmann says this is a breach of UK competition rules.

The GTR claim has been issued in the Competition Appeals Tribunal, and will proceed to a certification hearing where the Tribunal will determine whether the CPO Application is suitable to be brought as collective proceedings and on an ‘’opt-out’’ basis on behalf of all persons who, at any point during the period between 24 November 2015 and the date of the final judgment or earlier settlement of the claims purchased or paid for, for themselves and/or another person, a rail fare which was not a Boundary Fare.

This is the third Boundary Fares claim that Mr Gutmann has issued on behalf of ticket holders against train companies. The first two claims against Southeastern and South Western have already been certified by the CAT and are proceeding to trial.

Boundary Fares – Next Steps

We will continue to fight for compensation for the millions of rail users who have been affected by the double charging.

This is an opt-out claim which means that class members who live in the UK will be automatically included in the claim although they can choose to opt-out in due course.

We will continue to keep you updated along each step of this landmark trial here and via our social media channels.