Our solicitors have been bringing claims in relation to Japanese knotweed for longer than any other lawyers in the country. 

Professional Negligence: Did The Solicitor Mention Knotweed?

If you have recently bought a house, the Law Society’s Property Information Form (TA6) should ensure that your solicitor has asked whether the property is or has been affected by Japanese Knotweed.  If your solicitor did not provide you with a Property Information Form (TA6), used a version of the form without the Japanese knotweed question or failed to advise you with regards the answer, you may have a claim against them for professional negligence.

Broadly, professional negligence occurs where a professional fails to perform his responsibilities to the required standard. Legal claims against professionals (such as solicitors, surveyors, accountants and professional trustees) are now commonplace. Over the past decades, the increase in professional negligence actions has been attributable to a number of factors, including a greater awareness of legal rights of claimants and an increase in the complexity of work undertaken by professionals.