Extensive legal, commercial and strategic advice on a wide range of business disputes

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods are effective strategical solutions to disputes. Our experienced team of dispute resolution lawyers can provide extensive legal, commercial and strategic advice on a wide range of business disputes. We have a particular focus in providing our clients with results-driven resolutions that aim to minimise any risks involved and realistically assess the prospect of rewards.

Our specialist lawyers advise clients on a range of commercial dispute matters and are well placed to advise on the best process to suit our client’s needs, including (but not limited to):


Our experts are skilled negotiators. We often find formal or informal negotiation to be the quickest and most cost effective method to resolve a dispute.


This is a method whereby parties explore the options for resolution with the assistance of a neutral third party (the mediator). We have a strong track record of obtaining prompt and commercially sound agreements with the support of a mediator.


Our specialist lawyers are expert litigators in advising businesses and individuals in a range of litigation matters in a pragmatic and cost- effective manner.


Arbitration is a private forum in which an independent arbitrator, acting in a judicial fashion, finalises a dispute. We support this method as an alternative to court litigation where appropriate as it often provides clients with more flexibility and allows their disputes to be resolved with greater confidentiality.

Early Resolution Saves Time and Money

beginning ADR early can save clients time by resolving the dispute.

Although there are cases where parties decide not to explore ADR until an advanced stage of litigation, beginning ADR early can save clients time by resolving the dispute in substantially shorter timescales. This will in turn also save on costs.

Dispute Resolution Funding Options

As well as our experienced dispute resolution lawyer’s providing our clients with specialist legal advice in commercial dispute situations, we have developed reliable relationships with some of the top litigation funders. As such, our lawyers are well placed to advise clients on the funding options available and help them determine what would best suit their particular circumstances.

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