Recent research suggests that in up to 75% of cases in the courts of England and Wales, at least one party is not represented by a solicitor or barrister.

In the small claims court, costs cannot be recovered from the other side on success as they can in other court cases. This means that many claimants or defendants do not want to spend large sums on lawyers and lawyers will not undertake this work on conditional fee agreements or ‘no win no fee’ arrangements as they will not be able to recover their costs. However, despite the fact that it is often too expensive to have a lawyer undertake all the work on your case, being a claimant or a defendant in a case before a court can be an intimidating and confusing experience.

If you need help with proposed or upcoming litigation you may benefit from our fixed fee litigation support package. For between £500 and £1,500, we can provide you with litigation guidance:

  • A face to face or telephone meeting with a specialist lawyer who can tell you all about what is likely to happen, answer all your questions and, with you, work out the best way to manage the litigation to help ensure you meet your objectives
  • A bespoke written strategy on how to run the case
  • Precedent documents – these are not just copies of court forms, these are real life examples of court forms, particulars of claim and witness statements to show you what you need
  • Ongoing support throughout your case

You will still undertake the case yourself but have the peace of mind of having a specialist litigation lawyer help you through every stage.

For further information or to discuss a matter with a specialist litigation lawyer please call Dorothea Antzoulatos on 0207 167 4850 or email [email protected]