Our solicitors have been bringing claims in relation to Japanese knotweed for longer than any other lawyers in the country. 

Professional Negligence: Surveyor Missed Knotweed

When you buy a house, it is likely to be the biggest investment you have ever made.  This is why many people rely on surveyors to help them make sure that it is a wise investment.  A surveyor should make you aware of any important information that may have an impact on your decision of whether or not to buy a house and how much to pay for it.  If a surveyor fails to inform you that your property is affected by Japanese knotweed they may have been negligent.

Previously surveyors have escaped liability by claiming that they could not be expected to be aware of Japanese knotweed or the damage that it can cause.  However, owing to the increasing public awareness of Japanese knotweed and the fact that in 2012 the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors published guidance on ‘Japanese Knotweed and residential property‘, the chances of such an argument succeeding are now severely limited.

How To Start Your Surveyor Claim

If you had a survey undertaken when purchasing a house and the surveyor failed to spot Japanese knotweed, then you may have a claim against the surveyor.  This may be the case whether this was a mortgage valuation, RICS Homebuyers’ Survey or a full building or structural survey.

If you believe that you are entitled to compensation as a result of your surveyor’s negligence, or if you are unsure as to your legal position, please contact our specialist Japanese knotweed lawyers.

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